Budget Concrete Polish In California Area

Ultimate hypoallergenic flooring option on the market with our eco-friendly concrete polish. Make your Property stylish and luxury while ensuring a comfortable and allergen-free environment.

Concrete Polishing Bakersfield, CA

Looking to upgrade your business flooring? Look no further than concrete polish for your next project. Polishing concrete enhances its durability by up to 33%, making it one of the toughest surfaces available.

  • Durable - Concrete polish hardens the surface significantly, boosting its resistance to scratches, chips, and abrasions.
  • UV Stable - You don't need to worry about the Californian sun discoloring your floor. Polished concrete is UV resistant to discoloration and yellowing.
  • Long-Lasting - With its durability and UV stability, your new polished floor is guaranteed to last at least 15 years. Don't forget maintaining your floor is crucial for its life span
concrete polish
concrete polish

Why Concrete Polish?

Introducing concrete polish, the ultimate flooring solution with numerous benefits:

Dust-free - Through the concrete polishing process, pores in the concrete are sealed, effectively preventing airborne dust.

Ultra-hard - Once the polished concrete process is completed the concrete is 33% harder than before the process started.

Easy to clean - The beauty of polished concrete is the ease of cleaning, you use less water and detergent than you would with other floors.

Hypoallergenic - If you suffer from Asthma or Allergies, polished concrete is the only floor on the market that with its glass smooth surface does not trap any dust, bacteria or pollen.

Eco-friendly - Polished concrete, uses your existing concrete slab, to turn it into a luxurious bright floor.With its high light reflectivity, it will save you money on your electricity bill and save the planet at the same time.

Where Is Polished Concrete Good For?

In California's diverse climate and design landscape, concrete polish emerges as an excellent option. Its thermal properties regulate temperatures year-round, ensuring comfort in both hot summers and cooler seasons.

For residential spaces, especially during Fresno's dusty periods, concrete polish revolutionizes cleanliness. Its non-porous surface eliminates concerns about dust buildup, simplifying maintenance and fostering a healthier environment.

If you own a warehouse in Bakersfield, concrete polish is the ultimate flooring solution. Not only is it tough and enduring, but it also resists stains, requires minimal upkeep, and injects a modern flair into any area.

Explore the versatility and practicality of concrete polish across different environments, from homes to warehouses, and revel in its enduring advantages.

concrete polish
concrete polish

How Much Concrete Floor Polishing Cost?

As no two floors are the same, polished concrete can vary greatly in price. We determine the price based on the level of floor polishing required, the condition of the existing concrete and the level of finish.

Why not fill in our FREE Quote form and we will get back to you with the tailored made price for your specific needs.

How Long Will Polished Concrete Last For?

Even that it is extremely hard wearing surface, polished concrete has, like every other floor, a life span.

How long your concrete will last, before it needs to be re-polished, depends on how the floor is used, how well is maintained, whether it's located in a high-traffic commercial/industrial setting or is in residential low traffic setting.

There are always ways to extend the life of your polished concrete. If you are interested in finding more about polished concrete, why not give us a call?

concrete polish

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