1-Day Garage Flooring Bakersfield

Are you looking to upgrade your dusty old concrete garage floor?
Cisneros 1-day garage flooring is what you are looking for!

Cisneros lifetime warranty

Polyaspartic Flooring Lifetime Warranty!

What sets us apart from the rest?

Cisneros backs every floor without cutting corners.

Lifetime warranty against peeling, product and workmanship!

One-Day Garage Flooring

If you can't afford to wait a week for your new garage floor, we have the solution for you!

How do we achieve this?
By using quality polyaspartic resin that only takes 1 hour to dry after each coat/stage means that our team can come in prepare, coat and topcoat your garage floor all in one day!
This newly developed product is:

  • Durable - it dries hard, but keeps some of its flexibility, making it more resistant to scratches, chips and abrasion
  • UV Stable - You don't need to worry about the Californian sun discoloring your new garage floor. Our one day garage coating is UV resistant to discoloration and yellowing.
  • Long Lasting - With its durability and UV stability, your new polyaspartic garage floor is guaranteed to last at least 10 years. Don't forget maintaining your floor is crucial for its life spam
Mirco Epoxy Flake Chips

100% Satisfied Customers!

Standing proudly in front of their completed flooring project, our customers hold the ultimate sign of success: '100% Satisfied.' It's not just about the floors beneath their feet; it's about the trust we've built, the quality we've delivered, and the smiles we've earned, one satisfied customer at a time.

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Garage Floor Preparation

Garage Floor Coating Prep

Every garage floor coating starts by diamond grinding the concrete surface, removing the top of the existing surface, creating a clean smooth fresh concrete garage floor.

By preparing the garage floor, we have a fresh surface for the polyaspartic resin to bond with the concrete and eliminate any chance for the polyaspartic coating to peel. It also removes any flaky existing coating and stains in the concrete.

Following the concrete grinding, we repair all holes and cracks with a resin paste, and once cured we are ready to move on to the next step.

Polyaspartic Garage Floor Base Coat

Now we are ready to apply the polyaspartic base coat to the concrete. The base coat acts as a primer for the decorative flake chips to stick to.

First, we start by masking up the edges to help create a crisp straight edge and protect your walls. Followed by cutting in the edges and corners of the garage (just like you would when painting a wall).

Finally, the team applies the quick-drying resin to the rest of the garage floor.

Flake Flooring In Garage Bakersfield CA
Vinyl Flake Chips Scattered In Garage Bakersfield CA

Apply Vinyl Flake Chips

Before the polyaspartic resin has cured we walk over the floor with spike shoes and broadcast the decorative vinyl flakes over the entire surface transforming your garage floor once again.

The flakes are decorative and we have many different color combinations to choose from.

Most flake flooring blends are created using 3 different colors e.g. Black, grey, and white. With a range of different color combinations, your floor is guaranteed to be one of a kind.

Garage Flooring Top Coat

Polyaspartic topcoat is the clear coat that seals the floor and creates a beautiful surface protecting your garage floor from staining, hot tires, oil and most importantly eliminating that annoying concrete dust.

That's a wrap, transforming the boring old dusty concrete to an awesome-looking garage floor.

Garage Flake Flooring In Bakersfield California

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