Food Grade Flooring Bakersfield

When it comes to Food Processing in a Café, Restaurant, Commercial Kitchen or Food Processing Plant, you need a Food Grade Floor to meet certain flooring specifications. Talk with our experts today.

Food Processing Plant Flooring

Do you have a food processing plant that needs new Ucrete Polyurethane Cement Flooring? Or you might need to resurfacing existing worn flooring, then Ucrete Polyurethane Cement Flooring is what you need. Here is some information on food processing plant floors that is needed to pass the next health and safety inspection.

  • Epoxy Coving - Coving is the half round that is installed around the entire perimeter of the room. Epoxy Coving makes the floor easy to clean and stops bacteria growth in the wall and floor junction not to forget it also waterproofs the floor edges.
  • Anti-Slip - All floors in processing plants must be slip resistant. With Ucrete Polyurethane Flooring, this is achieved by broadcasting kiln-dried quartz sand into the wet floor as it is installed followed by a top coat of Ucrete Polyurethane.
  • Hygienic - Food processing plan floors must meet HACCP standard and be easy to clean and with Polyurethane Cement this flooring is non-tainting and not smelling, meaning no delays in restarting operations.
Restaurant Flooring Bakersfield California
Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Commercial Kitchen Floors are normally a nightmare to juggle when in operation, This is where Cisneros are the experts to call for your next commercial kitchen project. With our expertise we use the best product that are fast curing too minimize any kitchen down time making your business run as efficient as possible.

  • Fast Curing - Commercial Kitchens do not stop for long and normally run 7 days a week. With Ucrete and Epoxy being fast curing we can help achieve limited downtime for your kitchen.
  • Temperature Resistant - When it comes to Food Grade Kitchen Floors they must handle a lot of heat from ovens and then they also need to handle cold temperatures in cool rooms and freezers. With Polyurethane cement, these floors handle temperatures ranging from 150°C depending upon specification and as low as -40°c
  • Impervious - Commercial Kitchen Floors have to be impervious to prevent bacteria growth. Well lucky you, all our flooring options are impervious floors and that is one of the main reasons we specialize in them. by creating health and safety floors that meets HACCP Standards.

Restaurant Flooring Bakersfield

Do you have a restaurant in Bakersfield CA? Do you need a new floor in your kitchen or seating area? Well you have come to the right place.

Whether you need you need a new restaurant kitchen floor or service area floor Cisneros experts can help. Our team specializes in all resin food grade floors that meet the health and safety regulation, with fast turn arounds to minimize down time for your restaurant!

Often for front of house we specify our fast curing Polyaspartic Flake Floors and the restaurant kitchen can be either Flake flooring or Ucrete Polyurethane Cement food grade flooring.

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Food grade epoxy flooring Bakersfield California
Epoxy Flooring in a Bar in Bakersfield California

Cafe Epoxy Flooring

Café floors need to be hard wearing, non slip, impervious and easy to clean not to mention looking the part.

With our flooring options we can meet all specifications.
Grind and seal is normally a go to for café flooring because it is a fast application and looks fresh and clean.

Another option which is the preferred option for café seating area floors is Epoxy Flake Flooring or Polyaspartic Vinyl Flake as it is a hardwearing multiple layer concrete coating that out performs most other flooring options.

Polyurethane Cement Food Grade Flooring

When it comes to the ultimate food grade flooring option there is no way you can go past Ucrete Polyurethane Cement. Ucrete has been around for 30+ years and a lot of the floors laid back then are still in service today.

Polyurethane Cement or PU Cement floors are 4-6mm thick, anti slip, chemical resistant, impervious, fast curing and easy to clean not to mention anti static options when specified.

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Food Grade Commercial Kitchen Flooring Bakersfield

Check Out This New Bakersfield Food Grade Floor

To see this new Bakersfield Sweet Bites N Ice floor, click on the photographs below. We came in, put coving around the perimeter, and laid food grade flooring throughout the business, including the front of house/dining area, commercial kitchen, and even the bathroom.

Sweet Bites N IceFood Grade Flooring BakersfieldFood Grade Flooring BakersfieldFood Grade Flooring BakersfieldFood Grade Flooring BakersfieldSweet Bites N Ice Food Grade Flooring Bakersfield

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